mulberry bayswater black


The beauty and the beauty of completely different. One big difference is that the British beauty white white, American beauty deep black deep black. The British maritime climate, mild and wet, beautiful girls, all white arm white legs; Unlike Hollywood in Los Angeles, three hundred and fifty days a year, the sun shines a shade all difficult, turn around several trips to get honey colored skin. Eyebrow in the United States, we China stick to the old adage "one hundred make ugly", and as a firm fans, whitening products seem more appreciate the beauty.
Recently, two net British beauty in vain, for the two famous brands, design/named a series of bags, packages are parts of the fan's warm attention. I also have a lively, talk about it.
mulberry bayswater, carrier grade tide leader, enduring the It Girl, as the French brand Longchamp handbag design out of a bag series, named mulberry bayswater for, just listed at the end of the year. mulberry bayswater is active in the fashion world for twenty years, luxury brand to more than twenty, fencing design bag for the first time, why Longchamp player? Brand said, this is because mulberry bayswater and Longchamp style. This is, of course, on the one hand, but mulberry bayswater is close to Longchamp, and also for other reasons as well. In September 2005, mulberry bayswater drug scandal was revealed, the Moss endorsement of a pile of brands, including good friend Stella McCartney, to preserve our sanity in succession, and draw a line. And Longchamp has eye handout spirit, in the worst time support, announced on November mulberry bayswater spring/summer 2006 for brand spokesperson. mulberry bayswater after eight consecutive quarter (four years) for Longchamp endorsement, is a collaboration between the 9th and final season at this time.
Color: Black
Size: 36*26*16 cm
Materials: Leather
Feature: Shoulder bag, Postman's lock closure, Hidden padlock in hanging leather pouch, Brushed leather interior, Two internal slip pockets, One internal zip pocket, Internal belt straps to enable widening for extra space, Internal Mulberry fob, Metal feet at base of bag.
Think of mulberry bayswater handbag design for the first time at, or more successful. Someone said he was disappointed, "said mulberry bayswater so big fashion leader, design out of the bag is very mediocre. So wrong. mulberry bayswater, but never follow the fashion, she photos often simple random, rare gorgeous showily, but the somebody else has changed decayed for magical ability, large faint in the bazaar, big fanfan mediocre. Longchamp Kate series, is basically the "usual" aron, I like it.
Kate element in this series, the most obvious is the zebra, like animal print because mulberry bayswater. All bags lining is zebra, most styles have the zebra grain leather version, than the monochrome version cowhide nearly twice as expensive. Such as Gloucester handbag, monochrome version costs $990, zebra print version for $1700. Design faults, to remove personal aesthetic preference, I think the zipper head is not delicate and exquisite. Zipper head skin rope is too unusual, especially common in the cheap bag. Such details are small, but small in see big, enough to pass the brand spirit.

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