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  • Thinking of starting a business
    Are you ready? Need help with planning, raising finance or writing your business plan? These guides and templates can help.
  • Starting a business
    Ready to start? Here's information on starting a new business, a home-based business and buying a business or franchise.
  • Exiting a business
    Closing or selling your business? Find out about succession planning, bankruptcy, deregistering your business and employee payments.


  • business.gov.au checklists
    The business.gov.au Starting your business checklist and Growing your business checklist will guide you through the various stages of your business, whether you're just starting or ready to grow.
  • Business tools
    business.gov.au has a number of tools that can help you run your business. From consulting with government on regulation to finding key contacts and training workshops for your business.


  • E-business
    Are you interested in starting an online business? By trading online you can save time and money, reduce your overheads and reach a much wider market...
  • Employing people
    Good employees can be your greatest asset, so recruiting and retaining the right person is very important. Find out your obligations...
  • Environmental management
    As a business you could have some impact on the environment, whether large or small...
  • Exporting
    Expanding your market can bring enormous benefits to your business, but successful exporting doesn't happen by accident...
  • Fair trading
    In Australia federal and state laws protect you, your business and your customers from unfair trading practices...
  • Franchising
    Franchising allows one business to operate under the name of another business' established brand and sell a prescribed product or service. Franchising can seem like an easy way of starting or expanding your business, but it's not something you should rush into without the proper knowledge...
  • Grants and assistance
    Grants and other funding programs are available from the federal, state and territory governments and in some cases from local councils...
  • Home-based business
    If you're running a home-based business there are a wide range of government requirements that may apply to you...
  • Importing
    If you import goods into Australia, you will be affected by certain government regulations...
  • Independent Contractors
    As a basic definition, independent contractors run their own business, and hire out their time to businesses and other organisations as a service...
  • Insurance
    Insurance is an essential part of running any business. If you are operating a small business you need more than just property insurance...
  • Intellectual property
    Intellectual property covers a range of laws that give individuals and businesses exclusive rights over their creative and inventive projects.
  • Market research and statistics
    To run a successful business you need to know all about your potential and existing customers and the marketplace you operate in...
  • Occupational health and safety
    Safety in the workplace is critical to the success of running a business, no matter what size it is...
  • Registration and licences
    When you're starting up a new business it's important to find out what registration and licences apply to you...
  • Taxation
    Understanding taxes and meeting your taxation obligations can save you money...
  • Tenders and contracts
    Selling goods and services to government is an important opportunity for all businesses. Find out about tender opportunities...


This information is brought to you by business.gov.au - The Australian Government's principal business resource

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